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CC320 Week 2 Q1

Using the Gardasoft CC320 Trigger Timing Controller - Michael Correia - Pyramid Imaging

When combining lighting, cameras, proximity sensors and encoders to generate an automated solution, the CC320 Trigger Timing Controller is the single component for fast affordable integration. With 8 independent input channels, the controller can take a range of input signals from various components and use these to trigger events on any of the 8 independent output channels.

Each of the 8 output channels can be individually programmed offering complete control over the pulse delay and pulse width, as well as a trigger delay enabling filtering of noisy trigger signals.

1988 RCA CC310 VHS Camcorder

A full-size VHS camcorder from RCA in 1988, made in Japan. It has a lot of options that were probably impressive at the time. It seems to work well for as old as it is. Video quality isn't bad. It's very heavy, I wouldn't want to hold it for a long time.




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